Oh my goodness, what did we do before there was Pinterest.  I was not an early adopter but I have to say I am now well and truly hooked.  Not just for speech therapy resources but also for my kid’s birthday parties, recipes and homemade presents.  It seems that any question I type in comes back with a range of different options.

It should also be noted that it is a bit of a time waster.  You can easily sit down to find something and find yourself looking at something completely different 20 mins later.

So who do I follow?

Baby Chatter Speech Pathology

Lyn Goodwin is a Speechie from Western Australia.  She has heaps of pins about Toddler language development, games to play as well as how to put together a list of DIY Toys from things in the resource cupboard.  Lyn also has a great list of books which can be used to target a range of speech and language topics.

Social Thinking

As many of you know I love all things social thinking.  The social thinking Pinterest page has a lot of their products set out in particular groups.  It gives a great overview of what the program is about and what products are available.

Mary Keiger

Mary’s pages have heaps of information about social thinking.  So many great ideas including books, YouTube video clips and apps to support social thinking.  In addition to this are a range of pins to support your speech therapy goals.  Mary has a great board on executive function as well as a board on books for therapy (she has pinned one of my favourite books “It’s not a box”).

Activity Tailor

Activity Tailor has a huge number of boards – categorised into easy to find categories.  There are some great ideas to pin to your own boards as well as easy to create activities to incorporate into your own therapy. Lots of inspiration here.  I found one of my resources on a board so feeling pretty chuffed!

Jill Kuzma

I have been a long follower of Jill.  Jill’s website was my introduction to social thinking.  I encourage you to check out her website for free downloadables for a range of therapy topics.  She has a great list of YouTube videos for working on social thinking as well as other areas of therapy.  Her Pinterest page is also a wealth of information. In particular check out her executive function board, writing prompts photos and in fun stuff there is a who’s who of the minions graphic (necessary if you are like me and can’t remember their names)

Learn to play at home

I first came across Learn to play at home while researching ideas for invitations to play for my language therapy.  She has a whole fabulous board about invitations to play, so much inspiration, I just want to jump in and play.  Another board is filled with recipes for every type of playdough, cloud dough and puffy paint you might ever need.  Many of which I have used in sessions.  We are using coffee playdough this week for dirt!  Lots of muddy puddles.

Kate Pickle @Picklebums

And finally one of my favourites for ideas.  Initially I came across the picklebums website.  It is full of amazing free printable for use with playdough as well as play ideas which are easily translated into therapy activities.  There is a wealth of information on her pinterest page as well, with my favourite boards being, free printable for kids, super sensory play, and imaginative play.  There are also two great boards for Easter and Christmas ideas.  Kate has developed a large range of printables which are favourites with many of my clients.

So in conclusion Pinterest is a great place to research and get ideas for therapy.  I haven’t even mentioned the amazing photos and ideas for food therapy. So spend some time exploring, it will slip by quickly but your therapy will be reinvigorated.

And my boards – well they are a work in progress.  There is so much stuff out there.  Join me on my pinning journey.