Oh my goodness, I have found a treasure trove of resources that I just had to share with you.  It’s Kmart!  Who knew that so many great items were hiding in their stationery shelves.  I know I have blogged about erasers before but my recent trip blew my mind and filled my trolley.   Let me take you back to where it started. Late last year I joined a Facebook group called Kmart Mums Australia.  While there are heaps of posts about bedrooms and the like there are many which have great application for Speechies.  I was hooked just before Christmas wheLight up boards are great resourcesn I saw that they were selling light up drawing boards for $8.00 each.

I immediately ordered two for each of my clinics – you always need to be prepared for the possibility of a barrier game.

So, with a little time to kill this week I headed into Kmart without a trolley to pick up some plastic boxes for our messy puzzles (a hint from FB).  I was only there for 5 minutes before sending my son back to get a trolley – so many resources to buy.  My first picks were coloured paper packs and heaps of glue.  I love how a simple coloured piece of paper can lift and make a simple activity look better and more exciting. But this was only the start. file containers

Next, I found printed tape with cars.  I have seen printed roads before but not at a bargain price of $2.  There isn’t a lot of tape on the roll but it would be incredibly motivating for the car mad child.  There Printed road with tapecould be joint planning when putting the road down, “I think it should go from the chair to the table”.  Using some toy trees and buildings (or blocks) the roadside can be decorated, presenting many language building opportunities.  Then play and have fun.  During the play the session goals can be targeted.  Articulation cards can serve as toll booths and figurines can participate to target basic concepts and pronouns.


One aisle over (still in stationery) I found file containers (what I originally came for) which are perfect for storing the collection of jigsaws we have.  I also bought some extras for the light up drawing boards to keep them protected.

carry case

Next in the craft aisle I quickly started to fill my basket.

Everything is better with sequins – makes resources sparkle.  I love these mixed sequins packs, – they have snowflakes for winter work, leaves for trees when you have drawn a tree trunk worth of articulation targets and the pretty sequins can decorate a fairy or robot (buttons and nuts).  You can even dole them out one at a time.  They put a little pizazz into therapy.


Right next to the sequins were packs of feathersgoogly eyes and pom poms.  I use these in my invitation to play scenes and for craft mixed in with my therapy activity.  It is crazy how hard some children will work for the extra bling on their page.  It is also a great way to build their imagination.  A pom pom could be a dinosaur egg, a bowl of food or a seat!   I didn’t buy these on this trip but I also use stickle puffs ( I never knew what they were called until today – maybe packing puffs?) for heaps of things.  They are versatile – you can cut them, stick them with a little water, use them as counters and more.  The best thing is that they are mostly free as you often get a pile of them with a parcel.  Although I must admit that these coloured ones look amazing.

I found a great selection of paints, but what caught my eye more was the paint brushes and stamps.  There are brushes and stamps.  There are brushes with grips.  Brushes with easy grips and sponges and alphabet sponges.  A great addition to your resources cupboard.

There is an amazing range of different paints bright, glitter, pearlised as well as paint pots and palettes.

We have large rolls of butcher’s paper in all our clinic rooms from Ikea but rolls of butcher’s paper can also be found at Kmart.

Alphabet stamps

Staying with the print theme, Kmart also have a great array of cheap wooden stamps.  I picked up a packet of stamps at Christmas and they were great for decorating as well as in language activities.  These alphabet stamps really caught my eye.  They would be great as another medium for literacy based activities as well as articulation activities.  You can stamp the target sound and write in the rest.


Wooden beadsMy next purchase was a container of beads.  While my female clients love this activity the most, some of my male clients also enjoy making bracelets and necklaces.  I often pair this with an articulation or language task.  We make jewelry alongside, often one bead per target.  It actually takes a lot of beads to make a necklace!



I also bought a packet of felt with no particular purpose in mind.  I have since had a look on Pinterest and there are heaps of ideas.  From the most basic cut outs (my
level) to elaborate sewing tasks, there is something for everyone’s level of ability.  To get you started, check out my felt board on Pinterest



My last purchase was a storage container to keep my new resources organised.

storage container

What didn’t I buy?

By now you are probably thinking that I bought out the store.  Well, no, I did leave a few things.  Here are the things I loved but didn’t put into my trolley – this time.

I bought a packet of wooden cut shapes and letters for my kids from Typo a year ago and they had heaps of fun making pictures at the time.  They have also come in handy for a few school projects. This pack from Kmart is called Wooden Icons and I thought they could be used for an early sorting task, prepositions, basic concepts, plus they look great.


These paper masks are great for sessions on emotions.  You can draw the different features on the mask to represent emotions.  They are fun and create great discussion.

Face masks

I had to leave before I started on the pen aisle.

With all of this referencing to Kmart – I guess I should say that I have no affiliation with Kmart – it was just a great 45 mins spent in their stationery department!

Have fun!

Megan Sig


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