I did it again! I can’t help myself, I get near this store and have to go in. Addiction? Most likely! Intervention needed? Hmm. I am not committed to make a change yet. So instead, let me share with you, my latest finds and what I have been using them for.

I have been to Kmart again and the $2 dollar shop next door and came away with some great finds.

The first thing on my radar was new erasers. I love using these in therapy and my use of them seems to grow. The animals look great on my square of fake grass. Perfect for imaginative play or a quick game of hide and seek (goal – prepositions). When working on categorisation or compare and contrast goals my stash of erasers provide great visual support. Not to mention as the focal point of a guessing game when practicing descriptions. I always buy two packs to ensure I have the flexibility to provide visuals or when I break out a barrier game to up the difficulty of an activity. Thanks to Kmart and the $2 dollar shop I have expanded my stash to include new vehicles, fruits, dogs, cats and fish. My bucket is full.

My next find was some foam wheels. I have a few students who hate direct sound work. Whenever a card appears, they are off. So instead we make our targets in craft. I needed some big pieces of foam so that we could cut out shapes. These inexpensive foam wheels, complete with sparkly stickers seemed ideal. The top pack was exactly this – great colours, some shapes but a great size to work with. I didn’t read the label carefully on the other packet and was pleasantly surprised when I got home. It was labelled a food wheel. We won’t be cutting this one up. It has foam pieces to make a pizza, sandwich or burger. Fantastic for a whole range of language, play-based therapy.

My next find were these foam bodies. I purchased a fairy and occupation pack. I have used them when working on pronouns, colours, requesting, verb actions, following instructions and more. My little workers are so excited when I say they can take them home to practice. The packs are inexpensive, with heaps of options inside. The foam cut-outs have adhesive on the back, so no need for glue and scissors. The other great buy is the pack of crowns for all the princesses and princes on your caseload. The pack has stickers, cardboard cut-outs and sparkly gems (with adhesive). Great motivators.

And finally, I picked up two packs of finger puppets. I haven’t used these yet but I am sure they will be a hit. Sturdy cardboard with punch outs for fingers. A perfect resource for a little story telling.

I drove past Kmart the other day without going in. So I am either well stocked at the moment or my addiction is under control.

Have fun in therapy this week.


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