In my therapy room this week

In my therapy room this week we have been playing and learning about prepositions.  Hence our Friday Freebie this week (check it out below).  I picked up this fab Duplo Lego house at a great price.  Much to my kid’s disgust, I have Kragled (Krazy glued – See the Lego movie) together with the floors which make for a quick set up and pack up. I still have flexibility as I can stack the floors differently each time.

As I said this week is all about prepositions.  Using these great graphics from Smarty Symbols, we used the cards to position and talk about the characters and furniture.  Learning within play is always the most fun.  We had bread in the oven, kids in bed, and dad on the toilet!  You can flip the activity around so that it is both an expressive and receptive activity.   So, grab your lego and grab the Friday Freebie and get started.

Of course, there is so much more you can do with a lego house.  We have targetted pronouns.  She is cooking in the kitchen,  Which one is her bed?  We have extended play sequences – cooking in the kitchen, serving and eating before going to bed.  We have completed morning routines and we have practised social greetings and conversations.


Lego house

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