Melissa and Doug sticker books

We have had fun in my therapy room this week we have been loving Melissa and Doug Sticker Books.  I have been a long time lover of Melissa and Doug toys and materials.  Last year I wrote about their reusable sticker books.  I often purchase two sets so that I have a barrier game ready to go, but as a single purchase there are so many uses.  They are great for sentence construction, work on pronouns and tense markers.  Pretty much any goal!  There are city scenes, houses and more.

My most recent single purchase was this sticker pack called Face It.  It is great for focusing attention on facial expression displayed in connection with feelings. There are heaps of faces in different situations.  You can add in talking and thinking bubbles to extend the activity.  You can now work on imagination as well as collecting clues from the background pictures.  A great activity to work on so much.  I can’t wait to hear about the fun in your therapy room, so leave me a comment.  I am always on the lookout for my ideas.

Let's have fun in the therapy room.

Melissa and Doug – Face it – great for working on Emotions

Did you know that you can now buy Melissa and Doug products through Officeworks?  This was a new discovery this week and I have already taken advantage of it.

Lego fun

Let's have fun in the therapy room.

Party minifigs – Everyone gets dressed to Party.

My second find this week was the new series of minifigs.  I am a lover of Lego and it appears in my therapy session often.  Lego is motivating for my students and it is fun.  The latest series of minifigs is a dress up party set.  I love it – heaps of language is generate and who doesn’t love a party.  Everyone has to get dressed.  My kids decide who gets to wear what, and we practice instructions as we get them dressed.  Once everyone is dressed, it’s party time.  Here you can practice social chit-chat.  And finally, pretty much every session finishes in a rendition of Happy Birthday.


There are two sets of Lego which I love and thought that I would share.

Lego City – great for speech therapy

Both of these sets contain many minifigs and are perfect for setting up scenes for sentences targeting tense, pronouns and narratives plus more.   Following instructions and basic concepts are a breeze.  Let’s face it everybody loves Lego.

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We have had fun in my therapy room, I hope you have had fun in therapy too!