I love a shop at Kmart.  I always come out with something, sometimes more than I planned!.  Check out my blog on this from last May. (It must be a May thing!)  I still use all of my finds in my clinic and have recently refreshed my supplies  On this recent visit I found the following to add a bit of ⚡️zing⚡️ to my resource cupboard.

My first find was this cooperative game.  I love using cooperative, team games in social skills groups.  A few years back Lego brought out a series of games which focused on either team play (no one winner) or had quick changing outcomes.  I loved these games (still have them) and wish that I had bought more.  They provide the perfect platform to work on team cooperation and coping with changes in gameplay, and it’s Lego!    When I saw the Original Tiny Hands Challenge game it intrigued me.

This game demands cooperation, perspective taking and language to pass between team players to ensure the success of the game.  A great addition to my social skills games cupboard.

Kmart has an amazing array of wooden toys.  These are incredibly good value.  There are books, wooden cutout, stacking blocks and more.  These are my two purchases. And.. when I got to the checkout they were cheaper than posted.  I got this set for $4 and the big one for $14.

The transport accessory set is fabulous.  Lots of signs and traffic lights to augment other invitation to play scenes.  I have used the transport pieces for prepositions, descriptive language, as well as cooperative play.


I haven’t used this set as yet.  It is huge.  In planning for next week I have taken photos of construction sequences to support planning and sequence.  The set comes with little people who could engage in social chat as they move through the town.  I am planning to use this a joint building activity next week.  I don’t think I will be presenting the whole set at once, as there is just too much. A warning – the felt mat alone was problem-solving jigsaw puzzle  – my strategy of just looking for straight edges didn’t initially pay off.  Hence the photo for quick construction next time!  Look out for further Instagram photos of this set in therapy.

This noughts and crosses set is a hit in the clinic room.  It was an inexpensive purchase and is perfect for targeting a range of goals.  I use both my articulation circles (previous Friday Freebie) and my Building Vocabulary – Vocabulary Cups circles underneath.  They are a perfect size for the space.  Articulation is practised or vocabulary is brainstormed before each circle is covered.


I LOVE stamps and there is a whole collection at Kmart for not much more than a few dollars.  I pretty much have them all.  This alphabet set is great for literacy and articulation work.


This set has been great for story writing and narrative.  This message (speech bubble and thinking bubble) set is perfect for working on social thinking.  My stick figure drawings now have feeling heads and stamped thinking and speaking bubbles.  It makes my amateur drawing look so much better!

I purchased these only a couple of weeks ago so head to Kmart to grab a great resource for your intervention room.