I have had a lot of articulation happening in the clinic this week.  We have been working on getting high repetitions at word level.

Here are some of my tips to get high repetitions from kids.

Tip one

Counters are awesome.  If you haven’t got one head down to your local Officeworks or stationery store to pick a couple up.  You need two or more to build in some competition.  Give a counter to each child if working in a group and keep one for yourself. Articulation cards or even just a list of words can be used.  count every correct production.  I often get kids to say the sound word a number of times to ensure that production is correct over a number of trials.

Tip two

This is my favourite app at the moment.  Kids can’t get enough and request it frequently.  The app presents a word (with the target sound in initial, medial or final position), and the child repeats the word a number of times – 5 6 7 or 8 times. (the app tells you) You record their responses as correct or incorrect and when they achieve the targeted number correct the screen changes to the picture moving across the scene in bubbles.  The child taps the pictures to earn jewels. The number of pictures is the same as the number of repetitions.  When 50 productions have been produced a new level opens up.  My kids will easily produce 100 + productions a 30 min session.  They work hard to move through the levels.  Each level is different and the bubbles move differently.  They love it!

Tip three

100 trial sheets are a great way to get quick repetitions.  Pairing these with a stamp makes for quick mass productions.  Colouring is great too but can slow the process down.  We have a Friday Freebie in the members-only section on the website. Sign up for free access here

Also on Teachers Pay Teachers Peachie Speechie has a great array of free 100 trial resources.

Tip four

And finally, we have a new resource Roll and Spin which produces a high number of productions.

We have combined motivating spinners with a 6 sided, 8 sided or 10 sided dice.  Spin the spinner to get your word and then roll the dice for the number of times to produce the word.

We have included spin boards for all consonant sounds, most in initial, medial and final position, for B, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, T, V, W, Y, and Z.

You can download the resource now from the Teachers Pay Teachers site or via the Speech Concepts website.

What are your great ways to increase the number of repetitions when working on articulation?