I only work clinically two days a week these days.  Running my private practice takes the rest of my time.  What I love about those two days is the contact with my kids and the work we get done.  This week was a particularly fun week, so I thought I would share what we got up to.

1. Painter’s Tape.
I can’t take the credit for this idea.  One of my mums saw it on Pinterest and shared it with me.  It’s a winner.  I taped toys to the table with painters tape.  It’s a great activity to have set up when the child enters the room – such a surprise!

Argh!  The toys are stuck – we need to rescue them.  Our target words included pull, stuck, stick and stand up.  The painter’s tape works so well.  You can reuse pieces again and again.  We stuck, pulled and rescued all of these toys a number of times.  We were also able to pair names and verbs together.  eg Woody stuck.

2. Lego
I love to use Lego in therapy.  Most kids love it and will do anything for it.  As a ‘reward’ end of the session activity (still working on language goals – therapy in disguise) we made maze games out of lego.  We designed a path.  We had test runs and discussed what worked and what didn’t. We talked about the changes we needed to make.  A great activity with loads of functional language.  This would also be a great social skills group activity.

3. Communication board
For my beginning communicators, there is always so much more language when they have access to a communication board.  I use it (to model) and they use it and show me how they can make longer sentences and use different words.  We have a range of different communication boards ready to go for a range of games and activities, in fact, we store them in the game box.

4. Story Dice
I have been road testing these awesome dice in the clinic.  I love them.  I made these three dice to work on sentence structure for who, what doing and where.  You could also use them as the basis for a narrative story.  There will be some more activities coming using these dice.  Keep a lookout.  Let me know what you think?   Want access to these dice.  Join our newsletter to access our Friday Freebie catalogue of free resources – Join here

5. My new favourite game – Catch the fox.  It’s a winner!

Keep having fun in therapy