Guess Who

Guess who a versatile game for your therapy room cupboard. The traditional gameplay is more complicated for young language users that it first appears.

When introducing Guess who it is essential to complete task analysis of the language skills required for playing. Understanding the yes / no answer to your questions and what that means to your game board can be complicated for some.

Guess Who lends itself to many areas of language development such as generating questions, comprehension, deductive reasoning and describing salient features. However, understanding how the answer of a yes/no questions translates to the action on your board may need some support.   With both girls and boys represented, pronouns – both possessive and personal can easily be targetted.

In addition, it can be used to address articulation targets such as ‘s’ and ‘z’

“Does your person have ______?” “Is your person _____?”

I recommend reviewing all the vocabulary first.  For some children, we use guess who for a number of sessions while we learn and increase our skills at gameplay.

Some children may need a visual script to support question construction.

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