Another week of telepractice done!
In my last newsletter, I was feeling thankful for the amazing way that our community was adapting to the COVID-19 situation. I wanted to share with you a few things people wished they knew before COVID-19
  • I wish I knew just how adaptable our clients can be. My clinic clients have been absolutely amazing in the way that they have been willing and able to move to online telepractice therapy. Kudos to all of them for what has been an incredible transition.
  • We have learnt to have more faith in our clinical knowledge when presented with new ways of delivering intervention.  The knowledge is there and we are flexible and innovative.
  • I wish I knew more about digital resources, the curve has been steep.
  • I thought I was good at thinking functionally before, but in coaching parents, my ability to think about building language into everyday activities has increased.
From me, I wish I was better prepared with resources that were better suited to online use. Although all of my products can (and are) useful for online therapy I quickly realised the need to add to my available resources.  Our Boom Cards released last week and the brand new interactive Articulation Spin game released this week is just the beginning. I’m already thrilled with how well these are working with my clients.
Keep sharing – What have you learnt this week?