A couple of months ago, I knew only a little about Boom Cards.  They weren’t part of my therapy resource inventory, but they were on my ‘must learn more about that’ list.
Then COVID-19 arrived and the learning significantly increased in so many areas.  Not only did my business and leadership skills take a huge step forward but my learning on digital resources also exploded.  I loved this new medium of Boom Cards and the creativity it allows.
I use Boom Cards both for my telepractice sessions and in face to face sessions.  One of the things I love most is being able to assign decks to families for home practice.
So what are Boom Cards?
Boom Cards are self-grading exercises that are gamified. But they are so much more.  You can put audio in them, you can write in them, and have moveable pieces so that a game can be played.
You do need to have a Boom Account to access the card decks.  There are free accounts, basic accounts and so on – you can join the level that suits your use.
You can preview and play 4 cards from ANY deck for free. I love that you can try Boom Cards out to see how the card sets work and make sure you like them before deciding to pay for them! You can also access a lot of Boom Decks that are offered for free. So far, I’ve added these FREE Boom Decks to my Boom Learning resources:
Where can I access or download Boom Cards?
One of the great things about Boom Cards is that you and the students can use it on computers OR tablets!
Access the computer version here
Download the Apple app here
Download the Android app here
Download the Kindle fire app here
Boom Decks can be played in two ways
Fast Play: With your free account, you have unlimited access to playing any purchased or free Boom Cards through an interactive whiteboard, tablet, or another device. With a free account, you can create 5 students and assign decks to them.
Sending Hyperplay Links or Assigning to Students: You can send Boom Cards to individual students or groups of students. Hyperplay is available with the Basic, Power, and Ultimate Accounts.
Purchase once – have it forever. Once you access a Boom Deck, it is in your “library” forever. You will always have free access to assign and play your Boom Decks in “Fast Play” mode.
How to buy
Teachers Pay Teachers.  The pdf you download will have a link to Boom cards which will redeem the deck to your account (You will need to set up an account).  Search boom cards or boom learning for some great packs. It is super easy
You can also purchase Boom Decks straight from Boom Learning. To purchase from Boom Learning, you purchase a points package.
So if you are new to Boom Cards like I was, head over and give it a try.  It’s free – you have nothing to lose.