By now if you follow me on Instagram you know that I am a Kmart tragic.  I can’t get enough of their affordable and sturdy clinic room supplies.  My private practice with 20 Speechies, 10 OTs and 5 locations means that we are constantly on the look out for cost-effective consumables and activities. We use things, games break and then we are always inspired by new games and ideas.  (BTW – check us out at – we have positions open at the moment if you are looking for a new role).

I wanted to share what was in my basket in our latest buy up. (Click on the images for links straight to Kmart – not affiliated, just for ease)

We have just purchased a new range of jigsaw puzzles.  Jigsaw puzzles are versatile for many goals and ages of development.  Start with big shapes with a theme to develop vocabulary and fine motor skills.  You can then build to more advanced puzzles with smaller pieces to develop descriptive vocabulary and visual-spatial skills.  Depending on goals I like to hide puzzle pieces around the room and target prepositions or descriptive vocabulary while giving instructions.  When it comes to storage, these containers are perfect for smaller puzzle boards. They keep the pieces in check.

If your puzzle board is larger than A4 these document wallets fit the bill, and they come in a pack of three!
While we are on the topic of jigsaws here are some of our favs.

These early jigsaws are great for little fingers.

A touch and feel puzzle for those exploring different textures.
When working on cause and effect, a puzzle with noise could build a multi-goal session.  Cause and effect, listening, fine motor, scanning and more.

Kmart has a few ranging from Farm to Jungle to City.

If you are up for a challenge ( I am challenged by them! ) grab a layered puzzle.
And finally, there are puzzles with up to 40 pieces without a board.  I love to use these for working on problem solving and prediction.  We talk strategy as we find all the straight edge pieces and look at colours and patterns, predicting what it might be.
Do you need a tray to keep your pieces together?  Trays are amazing for jigsaws, but also for setting up invitations to play.  See blog here.


While we are talking about invitations to play – These chip and dip trays are awesome for setting out items to use in your play.
Next in the craft aisle, I found a treasure trove.

Everything is better with sequins.  I love these mixed sequins packs – they have snowflakes for winter work, leaves for trees when you have drawn a tree trunk worth of articulation targets and the pretty sequins can decorate a fairy or robot (buttons and nuts).  You can even dole them out one at a time.  They put a little pizazz into my therapy.

Right next to the sequins were packs of feathers, googly eyes and pom-poms.  I use these in my invitation to play scenes and for craft mixed in with my therapy activities.  It is crazy how hard some children will work for the extra bling on their page.  It is also a great way to build their imagination.  A pom pom could be a dinosaur egg, a bowl of food, or a seat for a fairy.

We run craft group intensives in the holidays.  We have every brush available as we slather paint on large cardboard boxes.share imaginations and create together.

There are brushes with easy grips, sponges and chubby brushes.

We also picked up some cool paint pots and easy clean brush wells.


So where are you going to put this paint?  Well, we put it on anything and everything.  Big boxes, small boxes and canvases and pieces of paper.  One of the most useful things in my clinic room and something I use multiple times every day is butchers paper.  You can pick up inexpensive rolls here at Kmart.  All of our clinic rooms have dispensers we bought from Ikea.  (IKEA – a whole blog post in itself) …


Staying with the print theme, Kmart also has a great array of cheap wooden stamps.  There are many different types but these alphabet stamps caught my eye.  They are great as another medium for literacy-based activities.
Now there is nothing worse than all of these wonderful products being disorganised.  In fact, a messy resource room sends me straight to insane monster having a tantrum.  So let’s talk storage.

These are only a few of the options available.

I still have more!  Yes, it was a huge trolley.  Turn into the next blog for my toy suggestions