Blanks Questions

Blanks questions are one way to encourage oral language development. In a play-based curriculum such as in preschool or kindergarten, the use of these types of questions helps encourage rich oral language experiences.

These “levels of questioning” were developed by Blank, Rose and Berlin (1978). The questions move from concrete to abstract. Understanding the complexity of questions can help in simplifying language or in appropriately challenging language skills. Children need to understand and respond to all these levels of questions to function easily when they move to the more formal learning within a school setting.

I have always used books in therapy and use Blanks Questions as a facilitation tool for language therapy for a long time.  I have written this series to make it easier to find the right questions to ask when using books.  A feature of this series is the use of puppets (in many books) and other language based ideas to create more activities around the book.

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