Expressive and Receptive Language

Language is huge!  Over the coming months activities will be added to support your therapy when working on expressive and receptive language.


Pictures for Sentences

We all use toys in therapy but, like many of you, I am increasingly using tablets within therapy also.  I developed the Pictures for Sentences series to support expressive language therapy while using Apps and Toys in therapy.  I am a big fan of the apps from Toca Boca.

These resources capitalise on the strong visual skills many of our clients present with.  The process of constructing the sentence reinforces how words go together while reinforcing the power of delivering a verbal request.


Prepositions are a group of words – such as on, under, beside.  Many of our instructions at home and at school contain prepositions. These activities are 3D which helps students learn and understand prepositions before making the transition to 2D activities.


At times we need to focus on grammatical morphemes.  These packs focus on a particular morpheme. Activities work through presenting morpheme at word level before using it in sentences.  Activities are fun and interactive.

Barrier Games

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