Visuals for your classroom and Therapy room


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Visuals are universal design. They are awesome for everyone. As adults we rely on visuals every day. We use calendars, street signs, grocery lists or maps to help us navigate our days and complete our tasks. Using visual cues in our environment allows us to plan, organize, and most of all be independent. Visuals are equally important to children because they are a medium to learn how things work in the world.
Visuals are supportive because:
* Words “disappear” right after we say them, visuals hold time and space.
* You can hold attention on Visuals.
* Visuals allow more time to process the information.
* Visuals and Auditory skills work together to support our learning.
* Visuals help us feel comfortable when planning our day.
This resource provides a quick way to produce visuals for the classroom and therapy room.
These visuals will help students navigate through a therapy session or through their day at school. When students know the order of activities, what they have to get done, and when they are done, this can reduce the anxiety and support completion of activities.
What’s in the resource
A range of schedules including 3 step, 4 step, first and then, and working for.
Visuals cards for therapy room, preschool class and school.


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