Blanks Questions – Blanks Scenes to develop language skills



Blanks questions encourage oral language development.  Blanks questions help encourage rich oral language experiences.
These “levels of questioning” were developed by Blank, Rose and Berlin (1978). The questions move from concrete to abstract. Understanding the complexity of questions can help in simplifying the language or challenge language skills. Children need to understand and respond to all these levels of questions to function easily when they move to more formal learning within a school setting.
Blanks question are a fantastic way to build and develop both expressive and receptive language skills. They are great for mixed ability groups, as the same resource can be used with different levelled questions targeted according to ability.

So what are Blank’s Questions?
Blanks questions are a list of different types of questions, from easy to more difficult, which help children’s learning by encouraging them to:

Observe and discuss objects and events that go on in the world around them.
Classify and categorise objects or events (e.g. banana/apple/pear = fruit)
Think about and talk about why certain events happened.
Problem solve difficult situations and possible solutions.
Make deductions or inferences (i.e. read between the lines in a situation, story etc.)

What’s in the resource
18 scenes with questions
The resource can be printed or uploaded on to your tablet.


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