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I love using books in therapy sessions with my clients and I’m sure you do too. Using books provides an endless array of content on which to build your therapy. Having a structure on which to build this therapy makes your life easier.

That is why we have developed our Blanks Questions and Book Companion series.

Marion Blank devised a four-level system of questioning for oral language development aimed at children in the early years. She acknowledged the importance of keeping questions within a child’s level of understanding so that while they can be challenged they are not overwhelmed.

Blank’s questions are a list of different types of questions, from easy to more difficult, which help children’s learning by encouraging them to:

  • Observe and discuss objects and events that go on in the world around them
  • Classify and categorise objects or events (e.g. banana/apple/pear = fruit)
  • Think about and talk about why events happened
  • Problem solve difficult situations and possible solutions
  • Make deductions or inferences

These questions support the child to build their expressive and receptive language skills with a just-right challenge.

We go a step further by providing activities and support to target retelling, narrative, and develop vocabulary and phonemic awareness, all in relation to the book.

Oh – I forgot about the puppets!  There are puppets too!

Everything you need to use a book to support your therapy goals.

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