Gone fishing



Let’s go Fishing

Everybody loves a game of fishing. It’s a top five favourite articulation games. Kids will play fishing over and over, which is great as we all know how repeated accurate production is how we get change.

So what’s in the pack?

✮All consonant sounds in all positions (initial, medial and final)

✮Blends (including complex blends)

✮86 pages of fish

✮86 backing pages

Print the fish on one side and the id circle on the others side for easy cleanup and sorting

I have laminated my set for repeated use in the clinic. If using a magnetic fishing wand attach a paper clip to each fish. So once the prep is done this game will live on for a long time.

Wanting to work on sentence level?

Not a worry, try some of these sentence starters

I caught a……

I got a……

I see a …….

Catch a …..

179 pages


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