Grammar Series – Word Order



Word Order supports the development of 15 different sentence structures. 282 cards with specifically chosen photos complete with sentence prompts to guide your student’s development. The work has been done for you.

The resource provides a printable and no print option.
If printing I suggest you laminate and ring bind for ease of use and longevity.

If using the no print option load or save on to your device.

An answer key is provided as a starting point. Be creative there are loads of sentences to be created.

The resource contains sentences for the following sentence structures.
• When who what-doing what
• When who what-doing where
• When who what-doing
• Where who what-doing
• Who what-doing what when
• Who what-doing what where
• Who what-doing what why
• Who what-doing what
• Who what-doing when why
• Who what-doing where why
• Who what-doing where
• Who what-doing who where
• Who what-doing who
• Who what-doing why
• Who what-doing


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