Minimal Pairs – Stopping



Use the power of contrast therapy to get the best results for your clients. This resource includes minimal pairs for Stopping. It includes card pairs and interactive games in a bumper 36-page resource.

All sheets are provided in both colour and black and white, covering all options for your therapy.
Pg 4-14 minimal pairs in colour (pages 13-14 in final position)
Pg 15-20 interactive activities in colour
Pg 21-30 minimal pairs in black and white (pages 29-30 in final position)
Pg 31-35 Interactive activities in black and white

Contrast therapy focuses on production using contrasting word pairs instead of individual sounds. This approach emphasises sound contrasts necessary to differentiate one word from another. The advantage is that generalisation to untreated phonemes is expected to occur.

The steps are as follows:
Step 1 – Familiarisation – clinician checks that the child knows the meaning of the word
Step 2 – Listen and select – clinician asks the child to pick the picture of the word provided
Step 3 – Production of the minimal pairs words – clinician asks the child to say which picture to pick up.

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