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Story Stones are great visuals which can support many therapy goals. From storytelling to vocabulary sorting to using them in play as characters they are a versatile, easy to make resource. Plus they look amazing.

Cut out the pictures as close to the edge as possible. Apply a little PVA glue underneath and smooth onto the stone. Paint a layer of PVA glue over the top. I like to apply one more layer after the first layer is dried.

Story-telling Prompts for Narrative. Children choose a stone and start a story based on the picture. Additional stones are chosen and the story continues.
Creative Play Use the stones as characters in free play. They could be people at school, animals at a farm or food in a play kitchen. Sorting and grouping activities: Collect all the stones and sort them into groups.   Pile up all of the people stones, then find the animals, and then the food stones.
The holiday stones go into another pile, and so on. These are just a few. I am sure you will find even more ways to use them.

STORY STONES GRAPHICS: General Fairy Tales Halloween Pirates Space Christmas Descriptive Words Story Planners

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