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Our phonemic awareness series of games target skills while having fun.

Phonological awareness is the ability to become aware of the phonological base of our language by being able to separate the sounds or phonemes in words and to manipulate them.

This game focuses on developing awareness of the initial sounds in words.

The resources contain 180 cards in four groups.

Same or not – Step 1
Present two words asking the student if they start with the same sound or not.  Cards are presented with a yes/no panel.

Odd one out – Step 2
The cards present three words, two of which start with the same sound and one that doesn’t.  The student is to identify which word doesn’t start with the same sound.

Initial Sounds Matching – Step 3    
Similar but different to Step 2.  Find the two words that do start with the same sound from the selection of three.

Production – Step 4
At the top of the hierarchy is word production.  At this level, the child is able to spontaneously produce words which start with the same sound.

Rules of the game
Using a dice move around the board.  When you land on a square, take a card.  Depending on the level you are working on you can use a single colour for all or let the colour of the square decide.  When you are at the end of the spokes you collect a colour triangle for your game piece.  If you don’t want to cut out the game pieces a separate sheet is provided.   The colours can be coloured in on the disposable counter.

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