Segmentation and Blending Game



Phonological awareness is a key early competency of emergent and proficient reading, including an explicit awareness of the structure of words, syllables, onset-rime, and individual phonemes.

This resource brings the fun into working on segmentation and blending.

Blending involves pulling together individual sounds or syllables within words; segmenting involves breaking words down into individual sounds or syllables. These are two different foundational skills that will assist children in developing their literacy skills

This resource contains 400 cards for multi-syllable words, cvc and words containing blends and a game board.

The cards have the target skill on one side and the answer on the other side.

For example:

✏When working on segmentation, have the picture cards up, segment into syllables or sounds and then flip to see if you are right. To step it up get your students to write the word down on a piece of paper before flipping. When they flip they can check their spelling .

✏When working on blending, have the words up. Produce the sounds and blend together to make a word. Flip the card to see if you are right.

Over 180 cards


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