Working with Verbs – Draw it Say it



Let’s work with verbs – Draw it – Say it
Verbs are an important part of a sentence. In development, verbs are significant when children move from single words to two word utterances through to short sentences. While we need a variety of verbs children often start with all-purpose verbs which can be used in a variety of situations (walk) through to specific verbs (gallop). This resource targets verbs. The resource encourages multiple sentences for each verb.

This flexible resource can be used to make many sentences. Simply draw the answer to the question at the top of the page and produce sentences. The more you draw the more you say.

This resource can also be used to produce verb past-tense sentences. Simply prompt for what happened and the sentences will flow.

A range of regular and irregular past tense verbs are included.

What’s included?

80 different verb drawing pages

80 matching cards

Just add imagination and ideas.


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