Articulation Flips – Word Level activities for K G F SH L S



Welcome to this word level activity pack.

Included are pictures for:
K initial, medial and final;
G initial, medial and final;
F initial, medial and final;
sh initial, medial and final;
L initial, medial and final;
S initial, medial and final.

Cover Pages include Letters, Doors, Television, Books and Rock. Additional resources: Letter box, Bookcase and Houses.

How to use this resource: Print the sound target page and a copy of the cover page you have chosen. Cut around the outside of the sound page and the cover page. Place a strip of glue at the top or side of each square and stick the cover page on top of the sound page. Cut apart.

If using the mailbox, bookcase or houses print and laminate. I stick a paper bag or milk carton behind the mail box. I place the books straight on to the bookcase and the doors on the houses. While this resource is primarily a word level activity it can be easily extended into phrases. – e.g. Post the cow, The lolly pop is on TV, The gorilla is under the rock.

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