Feeling your Emotions



Emotions are tricky. The ability to understand how others are feeling helps us navigate our social worlds. On the flip side it is equally important that we understand our emotions, so that we can adjust to the situation.

We can’t see our own facial expressions (the things we are taught about the most!) so it is important that we understand how our bodies feel. This understanding comes from knowledge of what our heart, muscles and stomach feel and how our brain reacts.

Some emotions can feel similar and this is where the situation becomes important. We use the situation to help us figure this out. In this resource I have limited backgrounds so that we can focus on emotions.
Check out my Figure it Out resource for more focus on situations.

This resource is targeted at primary school children to develop and expand their emotive vocabulary.

What’s inside?
36 emotion cards
Body map
Boys and Girls faces
Continuum to chart emotions

82 pages


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