Yoga Articulation – Active Speech Blends



Do you have active children on your caseload? Is it easier to practice speech when moving than sitting at the table?
Yoga articulation is perfect for working with active children.
The activity takes speech away from the table into a more active space while the focus remains on speech.
Each card presents a target sound in word phrase and in a sentence.
Decide which level you want to work on. Whether it be word level of sentences, it is all ready to go.
The child produces the target while completing the yoga pose. The target is repeated 5 times.
You can use the cards in a pile or spread them around the room. My guys love moving around the stations in the room to practice their speech and their yoga.
Sounds included
s blends
l blends
r blends
complex blends
Check out the Consonant resource for working on ch, f, g, k, l, s, sh, th.


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