Articulation Cups – Multi-sound Pack



Articulation Cups is a multi-sound resource game which makes working on sounds fun and motivating.

Articulation Cups targets sound in initial, medial and final positions. Blends are also covered with separate sheets for s blends, l blends and r blends.

Sentence starters are included to support targets sounds production in sentences. Crazy stories are a breeze when you stack the cups.

Preparing the resource

I recommend laminating the discs for durability before cutting

them out.

Purchase some paper cups. If you want to use the trophies, buy

cups which that are an opaque or solid colour.

How to play

Choose your target – sound and position.

Place the circles on top of the cups.

Say the word and stack the cup. The person with the highest cups


You can also place trophies under the cups for an extra surprise.

Use the Carrier phrases to extend the activity into phrases and


Stack two or three cups and make up a story about the pictures.

How crazy can you be?

75 pages


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