Today I feel.. Working on Emotions



One aspect of being social is learning about our emotions. There are no good
or bad emotions. What is important is learning how to match emotions to the
situation. Sometimes these emotions are expected and other times they are
unexpected. It is our job to learn how to recognise what is expected and what

Throughout the day we move through many emotions. This is ok. We need
to ensure that our emotion is matched to the situation. For example, when we
are in a learning environment we need to be focused, calm and happy. When we
are in the playground at break time it would be expected to be excited and
active. Our situations change as do our emotions. If we mismatch the two it
can result in unexpected behaviours, which change the way people feel about us.

This resource provides activities to explore emotions.
•The dials can be used to support students to identify their feelings to help
regulate for sessions.
•The flip book can be used to explore emotions in more detail.
•The charts can facilitate discussion about how our emotions are matched to

Activities are provided in colour and black and white..

Page 4 – 8 – Emotion dials – boy and girls
Page 9 – 12 – Flip book to explore emotions in more details
Page 13 – 18 – Chart to plot emotions according to levels of control
Page 19 – 20 – Chart key and discussion about where they are expected
Page 21 – 22 – Emotions through the day
Page 23 – Continuum of Emotion

pages 24


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